Top Five Reasons to Use a Matchmaker

Updated: May 27

1. It's Safe

All of our clients are background-checked and vetted. We get to know our clients before matching them.

2. It's Discreet

Our clients are doctors, business owners, and other professionals in Maine where dating apps aren't an option for many reasons.

3. It Saves You Time & Effort

Stop worrying about socializing or spending time at the bar. While you're at the gym or working late, we've got your back.

4. It's Personalized

We offer coaching and support whether you're a seasoned dater or just getting back into it. By listening to your feedback, we find your needle in a haystack.

5. It's Less Awkward

Notice I say less. Awkward moments are a part of dating and falling in love. However, when you know the other person is serious about meeting someone, there's less chance of being ghosted, strung along, or having to hit up strangers at the dog park to find out if they're single. We take all of that middle school angst out of the equation.

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